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ебаас-колотиц! пока я был в отпуске, наши тут выпустили Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (EBaaS) on Microsoft Azure
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просматривал top 10 most actively traded cryptos (sort by 24h volume) в поисках новенького. обнаружил некий CloakCoin, где аффтары даже алгоритмы не раскрывают, уж не говоря о том, что бы код сделать open source. типа "верьте нам". забавно, учитывая что only target audience - криптовалютные апологеты повышенной параноидальности.

но главная находка дня, конечно, это мочевалюта. красоту концепции невозможно не процитировать.

Uro is the only currency that is backed 1:1 to the value of 1 metric tonne of Urea, the world's most important fertilizer responsible for more then 50% of world food production. Members of the global Urea trading industry have come on board the Uro Foundation and pledged millions of tonnes of Urea to make this happen. This pledge is in the form of the Uro Protocol, a document ratified on 09/06/2014 that sets out clear procedures for the transparent exchange of Uro for Urea.
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It has already been successfully used in election primaries, with over 33,000 votes being cast.

The ultimate aim is “liquid democracy”: not to just elect representatives and let them get on with it, and not necessarily to have direct referenda on each tiny issue, but to offer a system so flexible that a happy medium can be struck for every citizen.

It can be best thought of as a social network designed not to help you share photographs, play games or communicate with your friends, but to run and manage your country.

If you want to cast your vote on every issue, fine, that’s possible. Or you can place your voting power in the hands of a career politician, as in the current system, or a knowledgeable friend or colleague.

And control could be infinitely fine: say you’re a cyclist, you could hand over voting power on all road safety matters to a cycling charity that pushes for better infrastructure, but retain votes on economic matters and leave everything else in the hands of your local Liberal Democrat office.

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bitcoin paper wallet storage

пора самому что-нибудь тоже забацать.
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Crossing into the Underworld just got a little easier today, as Charon, the ferryman who transports newly deceased souls across the River Styx, announced that he has begun accepting bitcoin. In the past, loved ones have had to place coins on the mouth or under the tongue of their departed loved ones in order to pay the toll for crossing, however it now appears that those days may be numbered.


Keanu Reeves... revealed himself to be the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto yesterday at a press conference. The price of Bitcoin tanked immediately after the announcement to $3/BTC. “I thought some smart Japanese guy was behind all this,” said one disillusioned investor. The founder of Bitpay prostrated himself before Congress, apologizing for succumbing to what was obviously, after all, “totally not a currency.” “It took Keanu Reeves for me to see that.” he added. “Just let it be a lesson for all of us. The next time you jump into something awesome, just fucking make sure Keanu Reeves wasn’t involved.”


In a statement released today by the White House on bitcointalk.org, President Obama outlined yet another altcoin. Unlike it's boring predecessors, ObamaCoin promises Hope and Change. Experts say that indeed, ObamaCoin offers massive amounts of Change over previous altcoins. For example, it has built in 20% inflation, to encourage spending. The moment you get an ObamaCoin, you’re going to want to spend it immediately. Skeptics remain, however, raising concerns about the mysterious founder of ObamaCoin.


In a surprise media scrum today outside Mayor Ford’s office reporters asked him if he has ever used bitcoin.


All from http://coinion.com
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20 ноября я написал: знаете, кто станет следующим биллом гейтсом? не тот, кто придумает более быстрый asic. а тот, кто придумает, как с толком использовать устаревшее железо.

25 декабря Ethereum публикует статью про Dagger (true memory-hard proof-of-work algorithm), прямым следствием которого является бессмысленность майнить азиками, что означает, что старое железо можно продолжать с толком использовать.

матрица следит за мной.

если у вас паранойя, это ещё не значит, что за вами не следят
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This short post is an attempt to estimate the target value of the Bitcoin in the best case scenario, which is when Bitcoin becomes one of the most widely used currencies in the world.

I don't pretend to give very accurate estimate - only an order of magnitude.

Assuming the same velocity of money for Bitcoin as exists now for M2 aggregate, total value of Bitcoins should be around total amount of M2 in the world today, or at least no less than 2 * M2(USA), e.g. $2*1013. Considering total possible amount of bitcoins to be 2*107, obvious target price is $2*1013 / 2*107 = $1,000,000. Please note that this is lower bound, since M2 grows pretty fast and will probably grow ten times by the year 2040, when number of bitcoins will reach its limit.

So there.


Nov. 23rd, 2013 02:03 am
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покопавшись в спеках железа кажется, что большинство битмайнеров, которые либо уже продаются, либо начнут продаваться в декабре, для собственно хэширования используют чип, называемый Bitfury. что мы знаем об этом чипе?

Compared to Avalon/BFL it is much more advanced thanks to 55nm manufacturing technology (TSMC) and full-custom design. Performance of single chip is ~2-3 Ghash/sec (final numbers are TBD) compared to ~282 Mhash/sec for Avalon.

Designer of Bitfury decided to remain anonymous, it is only known that he is from Ukraine. This was his first ASIC project, he was doing few FPGA projects in the past. What is even more unbelievable is that due to tight time requirements they had to skip MPW run and go straight to full mask run. Cost of mistake was extremely high, but it all worked from the first time.



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